Professional Customer Service for your SAP Applications

No software solution in the world, even if it comes from the world’s largest provider of enterprise software, always runs smoothly. In the case of business-critical processes, investigating the cause of a malfunction costs your employees a lot of time and nerves, and finding a solution sometimes also requires in-depth development knowledge that a normal user does not have.

We are happy to take on this task and provide you with more than just support – we work with the greatest possible efficiency and provide solutions! Fast feedback and prompt processing of all support requests ensure professional troubleshooting of your processes.

Use the direct line to our specialists and benefit from our support services exactly when you need them.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Focus on your business goals and do not tie up your own resources for problem analysis

  • Profit from our existing knowledge base

  • Trust our fast response times

  • Be inspired by our certified support staff and competent solution finding

  • Benefit from the transparency of our three-stage support process

Learn about our three-step support process

1st Level Support

The first level of our customer service process involves receiving all user support requests. This first point of contact is able to solve simple problems with the help of the contrimo knowledge base. Furthermore, it scrutinizes, evaluates and prioritizes more complex requests so that the incident can be solved faster and more efficiently at a higher support level.

2nd Level Support

The second level of our customer service process supports the first level in more complicated cases. Due to the excellent technical expertise available in this level, the possible causes of the malfunction are quickly found and a solution is brought about. If during the troubleshooting process it is determined that the help of the SAP software house is needed, the contrimo employee escalates the priority and the request reaches (in consultation with the customer) our 3rd level support.

3rd Level Support

For support requests regarding malfunctions of SAP standard functions, it is sometimes necessary to consult with SAP’s solution developers. Other requests still require access to the backend of the solution. In this third escalation level, our specialists consult SAP support. Adjustments / developments on the part of SAP are initiated – always with the aim of resolving the fault as quickly as possible.

Every support request that reaches us is only closed after receiving positive feedback from the user. The solution of each problem serves as the basis for another knowledge base entry for this project / solution.

Is this a bug or a feature?

SAP Support - Is this a bug or a feature?

To ensure that the goal of a support agreement is not missed, our specialists make sure that no new functionalities are introduced via support. New requirements still have to be approved and initiated by the project managers via change requests. For smooth support, it is also important to identify at an early stage whether the cause lies in the software or in the IT infrastructure. We are also available to advise you on these issues.

We are happy to provide SAP support especially for the following products

Have we aroused your interest in Support on Demand?

We will not leave you hanging in case of need! Find out what our support solution, individually designed for your needs, could look like! We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting – competently and comprehensively. Benefit from our many years of project experience in the SAP Customer Experience environment and the resulting knowledge base!