SAP Sales Cloud

The sales process is subject to constant change due to digitization. The numerous possibilities to obtain information on the Internet before the first contact is made are changing the rules of the sales game. The customer has become more independent, and already more than half of all purchase decisions are almost completed before the customer even contacts the sales department. In order to then still be able to influence the purchase process, the sales employee must exactly know the needs of his customers. The SAP Sales Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales) offers important support for this.

A modern CRM solution, which is simultaneously maintained by marketing, sales and service, optimizes your sales processes and makes it easier for your sales department to identify sales opportunities as early as possible. With a detailed 360-degree customer view and the ability to access customer data from anywhere, your sales team benefits from automated processes, reliable forecasts and professionally coordinated customer visits. Customer relationships can be optimally managed, sales processes can be standardised globally, and sales success rates can be improved in the long term.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Transparent bundling of all relevant customer data in one system

  • Stronger networking and smooth collaboration between all departments with customer contact

  • Easy creation and processing of leads and opportunities

  • Efficient work through location and device-independent availability of all important data

  • Early identification of sales potential through the use of sophisticated machine learning tools

  • Intelligent real-time analysis of customer data & forecast functionalities for the best possible sales result

  • Effective sales management through optimal use of existing capacities and coordinated planning of sales territories

Increase your profitability with an innovative CRM solution for your sales department

What does the SAP Sales Cloud include?

Sales Automation

Every sales employee can access all necessary customer information at any time and from anywhere, so that they are optimally prepared for all customer meetings – even offline if the Internet signal is too weak. This CRM solution relieves the sales department of administrative tasks so that they can concentrate fully on sales and thus provide optimum support to their customers. The connection of SAP Sales Cloud with your ERP system also helps you not to lose track of customer performance.

AI-driven Lead Nurturing

Increase your rate of business deals and your sales success rate with business intelligence for your customer management. Make system-based decisions based on intelligent evaluations that SAP Sales Cloud continuously compiles for you from all historically acquired customer data. Prioritize opportunities with AI-driven lead scoring approaches so you can better target and close faster sales deals.

Sales Planning and Pipeline Forecasting

Timing is crucial when it comes to selling. Detailed planning is required to ensure that your employees are in the right place at the right time, offering the right constellation of products. Take into account individual customer needs and effectively plan your next trips. The pipeline simulation gives you an overview of the expected development of your deals. This allows you to identify revenue gaps at an early stage and take sales measures to counteract them in a targeted manner. Performance-based compensation plans, which can also be controlled via SAP Sales Cloud, further foster employee motivation.

Use of Cross- and Upselling Potentials with the Help of Real-time Reporting

After sales is pre-sales: Thanks to an 360° view of your customers, you know everything about their purchase history, interests and current trends. In order to make informed decisions for the further development of these customers, you need advanced analytics and real-time reporting. This enables you to identify cross-selling and upselling potentials at an early stage and fully exploit it by staying one step ahead. This increases customer loyalty and thus your sales.

Company-wide Collaboration

All employees with customer contact can collaborate more effectively with the help of SAP Sales Cloud by intelligently connecting their business and sharing a common view of customer data. Improve your sales productivity with the use of collaboration tools, interactive dashboards, and the integration of office applications into the sales system landscape.

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