SAP Customer Data Platform

The SAP Customer Data Platform helps you turn anonymous visitors into loyal customers. It enables you to offer seamless interactions, build trust, and deliver personalized digital experiences for businesses, partners and customers. It helps you discover hidden customer needs while strengthening your customer relationships through trust and transparency. This allows you to offer your customers a seamless customer experience (CX) across devices, brands, and channels.

The basis for this are individual customer profiles, which are managed securely and transparently for the customer. It automatically combines a customer’s identity data from various sources, such as web store or social media profiles, and links them into a central customer profile based on unique criteria.

The customer is also given the opportunity to view, change or delete his merged personal data in accordance with data protection regulations. This includes the customers’ consents and preferences for the use of their data by your company. This gives you legal certainty in the management and use of customer data.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Simplify your customers’ registration & sign-in with a cross-channel, cross-device customer experience

  • Uniquely identify customers across different devices & channels

  • Consolidation of all customer data into consistent & unified profiles across system boundaries

  • Consistent management of customer preference & consent data

  • Compliance with data protection regulations to protect your customers’ privacy

  • Strengthen customer loyalty through transparency & trust

  • Early detection of undiscovered customer potential through appropriate analysis tools

Make business partner data more transparent, build trust, and reduce compliance risks

This enables you to meet customer needs by providing them with more relevant offers:

SAP Customer Data Platform – The Individual Elements

The SAP Customer Data Platform (formerly SAP Customer Data Cloud) consists of three software components that combine to deliver a solution for modern, intelligent marketing based on customer data:

SAP CIAM for B2C transforms online visitors into known, loyal customers by securely identifying and engaging them. At the same time, it provides your customers with a smooth and personalized entry point across brands, regions and digital properties.

SAP CIAM for B2B accelerates time-to-market and growth in addition to the features mentioned above. At the same time, it reduces operational costs by simplifying the end-to-end lifecycle management of your customers and partners, protecting you from business risks.

In the age of the GDPR, it is more important than ever to meet global data protection requirements and strengthen your customers’ trust through transparency and control of personal data. With the SAP ECPM Solution, you manage customer consents, preference settings, and data through a central platform. This enables you to build customer relationships based on trust and transparency.

The interaction of these three SAP components allows you to develop strategies that achieve higher customer activity and conversions. Through a continuous exchange, the customer journey can be automatically customized to the customer. As a result, customers receive value for their information.

During the entire customer journey, i.e., the cycles that a customer goes through on the way to a purchase decision, questions can be placed, for example, and thus the customer’s profile can be successively enriched with information. Based on transparency and trust, customer profiles thus continue to gain value for your company.

Combine the following SAP Customer Experience solutions with the SAP Customer Data Platform – contrimo will help you:

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