SAP Marketing Cloud

Better understand the needs of your current and potential customers. This is how you react faster to new markets and thus increase your sales turnover: With the help of SAP Marketing Cloud, you can combine a wide range of operational and experience data to get a more comprehensive picture of your target audience. You gain a deeper insight into the purchase intentions and consumer behaviour of your customers. You can incorporate this highly valuable information into your marketing strategy.

Originating from SAP Hybris Marketing, the SAP Marketing Cloud is part of the SAP Customer Experience product family (formerly SAP Hybris) and provides to your marketing department a 360° perspective of your customers – in real time and scalable, as you know it from all SAP solutions!

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Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Creation of complete customer profiles

  • Overview of all touchpoints of a customer

  • Bundling of the social media activities of your target group

  • Definition of marketing strategies

  • Planning, steering and controlling marketing budgets using KPIs

  • Automation of personalized marketing campaigns

  • Improving your brand loyalty by addressing customers individually

  • Creation of dynamic target groups with just a few clicks

Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience to Your Customers

Combine all marketing-relevant customer data on one platform and address your target group individually and with the help of the desired medium:

What does the SAP Marketing Cloud include?

Dynamic customer profiles through big data

You fully build meaningful customer profiles from company data and other external sources. The tracking of all digital steps of your customers, taking Big Data analyses into account, as well as innovative functions such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, help you to gain deep insights into the wishes and needs of your target group. You gain the trust of your customers with the reliable management of authorizations and consents. The innovative segmentation tool is specially designed to divide large amounts of customer data into segments and thus identify suitable target groups for your marketing campaigns.

Lead and customer-based marketing through personalized content

Depending on the customer profile, each individual customer is offered individual mailing and website content as well as product recommendations. All marketing campaigns are thus developed channel-independently and executed automatically. SAP Marketing Cloud supports you in handling your customers’ data in compliance with data protection regulations. In this way, you create and develop high-quality leads, which you further develop hand in hand with the sales department.

Well-founded marketing decisions through extensive analysis options

With machine learning, you not only gain a deeper insight into customer behaviour, but also enable your marketing staff to make decisions that are professionally prepared with the help of well-founded and well-structured analysis data. Your management is also thrilled: With a dashboard specially designed for their needs, a management report is drawn up in a matter of seconds – from the performance of the individual campaigns to budget data and information that reflects the mood of the customers.

Increasing performance across teams through professional marketing planning

Your team works together on the campaigns. All the important information for those involved is available at a central location. Your employees base their decisions on sound data and all activities are coordinated via the marketing calendar. This calendar ensures that your campaigns are planned on time and executed correctly. Budget and performance control is carried out transparently and in real time.

Simple creation of landing pages through a sophisticated editor

Create landing pages for your campaign within the SAP Marketing Cloud and save yourself a lot of time and nerves: The new landing page editor offers easy-to-use design functions, self-explanatory drag-and-drop functionalities and ready-to-use landing page publishing in just a few simple steps. There is no need to set up an additional web server to host a landing page. Deployment can also be made on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Do you prefer the brand new SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement?

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement was originally developed as a B2C engagement platform. Nevertheless, SAP has been promoting personalized omnichannel customer interactions using only this solution since early 2022.

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Combine the following SAP Customer Experience solutions with SAP Marketing Cloud – contrimo will help you:

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