SAP Service Cloud

A satisfied and loyal customer is the best asset for sustainable business growth. Due to the digitalization and globalization of trade, efficient and powerful customer service is increasingly becoming the focus of a long-term, stable customer relationship. Today’s customers expect companies to be able to support them whenever they need help. In the process, service employees often receive requests via many communication channels, which they need to keep track of. By leveraging SAP Service Cloud (formerly SAP Hybris Cloud for Service), the company can clearly differentiate itself from the competition through personalized omnichannel customer experiences.

Make it easier for customers to get in touch, be accessible across all channels, optimize customer service, and ensure quick problem solving. In order to achieve all this, smooth integration into the existing IT solutions in the background is necessary. As part of the SAP Customer Experience Suite, SAP Service Cloud guarantees holistic service processes in a 360-degree customer perspective. The result is a complete realignment of your customer service with a focus on customer satisfaction, efficiency of your services and employee satisfaction.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Increased speed in processing customer requests

  • More efficient service processes through central knowledge management – also available offline

  • Relief and motivation of employees as well as reduction of company costs

  • Consistent processes within the entire value chain with the goal of a 360° view of the customer

  • Additional cross-selling and up-selling opportunities through clear lead management

  • Meaningful service analyses in real time, available on clear dashboards

  • Excellent customer relations and thus satisfied and loyal customers

Is the customer really your king?

Build customer relationships with SAP Service Cloud through a service that delivers flexibility, speed, and efficiency:

What does the SAP Service Cloud include?

Intelligent Service Ticket Management

Customers contact your company through the channel of their choice (e.g. email, website, or social media). Using AI and machine learning, these customer inquiries are automatically summarized, analysed, categorized, and routed to the employees in charge. All of this improves the response time of your customer service, raises employee satisfaction and also reduces the potential for customer frustration.

Integrated Knowledge Management and Self-Service Functions

An integrated knowledge database with context-based recommendations for quick solution building helps customers directly and thus avoids tickets. Support your customers to help themselves! In addition to a knowledge database, useful tools include chatbot services or the introduction of an online community. Also the onboarding of new service employees is made more efficient through flexible information sharing.

Predictive Maintenance

Intelligent systems enable permanent monitoring of systems and early detection of problems before they even arise. This results in a considerable reduction in repair costs. Exceed customers’ expectations and introduce new standards in customer service with this predictive service solution.

SAP Asset Intelligence Network

A corporate network in which all information from manufacturers, service providers, and plant operators is combined in a single platform, ensures an even more efficient exchange between those involved in the process and also sustainably reduces the risk of plant operation for everyone in the long term.

Reporting and Real-Time Analytics

Collect valuable customer feedback during the service process at all touchpoints and then take proactive measures to increase customer satisfaction. Appropriate KPIs and real-time analytics support you in predicting customer behaviour and influencing customer loyalty preventively.

Combine the following SAP Customer Experience solutions with SAP Service Cloud – contrimo will help you:

Have we aroused your interest in a holistic customer service solution?

Find out how you can use the SAP Service Cloud to make it easier for your customers to contact you and achieve rapid restoration of customer satisfaction. We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting – competently and comprehensively. Benefit from our many years of project experience in the SAP Customer Experience environment!