SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2B

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management, or short SAP CIAM for B2B, handles all the services listed in the B2C component. In addition, with its help, B2B networks are successfully added and merged, brand launches are brought to market profitably and business risks are thus minimized.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Shorter product and service time-to-market

  • Significant reduction in operating costs

  • Significant minimization of business risks

Invest in a trustworthy networking of your B2B business and thus in more growth

What does SAP CIAM for B2B include?

Organizational Management / Partner Lifecycle Management

It starts with organizational access management, which enables rapid onboarding of your partners, suppliers and resellers to all digital properties through the use of quick and easy self-registration.

Centralized Authorization

Next, policy-based access control kicks in. Once a partner self-registers, it is assigned a role and given coarse- and fine-grained access to the appropriate applications, platforms, products and data. This simplifies access to prevent data leaks and unauthorized access to the entire digital ecosystem.

Delegated Administration

Once approved, a user from a partner organization can also be assigned the role of delegated administrator, which can be used to invite other members of the organization and manage and assign roles within the organization. This reduces the internal IT administration effort enormously.

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