The continuous development of skills and knowledge of the own employees, but also of the entire external sales network, is essential for a company’s competitiveness. Since the beginning of the pandemic, everyday working life has also changed significantly: Due to increased home office activity as well as numerous virtual teams and collaboration tools, online training opportunities have also become an integral part of everyday work.

With its cloud-based learning platform, Litmos promotes, controls, and manages virtual trainings in all companies that want to advance digitalization. This fast-to-deploy and easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) with integrated course library enables intuitive and self-paced learning, which is fun for employees, partners, and customers right from the start. Learning content can be individually defined and tailored to the various needs of the target group.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Uncomplicated and fast implementation effort

  • High user experience for course participants and administrators

  • Pre-installed online training package covering many key topics

  • Sophisticated “content author” feature for the creation of individual learning content

  • Teams that can be put together individually for individual courses

  • Automated reports & customized dashboards

  • Wide range of predefined integration options

Learning for everyone, anytime & anywhere

What does Litmos include?

Online course generator and content management

Litmos provides participants with easily accessible content and administrators with embedded tools for creating content in various formats. Existing Litmos training content can of course also be easily reused. Even more complex learning units on multiple topics can be very easily designed as a learning path.

Individual learning paths and more efficient learning successes

Litmos is designed for maximum interaction and consolidation of knowledge. In this way, you can combine several courses into thematically defined categories in order to enable knowledge transfer to be as efficient as possible. Already on the start screen, a participant is able to track a meaningful overview of learning tasks as well as pending, current and completed courses. A calendar illustrates scheduled and booked trainings at a glance. Onboarding processes, online customer seminars and further training measures can thus be optimally mapped with this learning management system.

Customize team composition and social media enabled notifications

Assign participants to specific roles and customize teams for courses. Real-time, social media-enabled notifications keep you informed about the activity of your team and participants. With this unique communication option, you can engage and motivate users individually and achieve higher completion rates.

Modern tools to increase motivation & willingness to learn

Course participants receive various rewards for successfully completing courses (points, badges, entry in the ranking list). This encourages employees, partners, and customers to complete even more courses. Other helpful functional areas include course recommendations and the individual and team performance overview.

Support for virtual and classroom training

Through a sophisticated online training module, you can also offer virtual training to your participants. Litmos supports any common video conferencing software. In combination with ORBIS TEM, our training & event management software, which can be seamlessly integrated into Litmos, the seminar organizer can be relieved of further organizational hurdles, such as hotel reservations, resource management, participant communication, etc. for face-to-face events.

Comprehensive assessment and reporting

With Litmos, you can conduct assessments and even create digital certifications automatically. The function of a video test is also available: A course participant uploads a video of his answer, and an AI algorithm is used to evaluate the result based on certain keywords and speaking rate.

Monitoring course progress and participant activity through integrated reports is an essential part of Litmos. It measures the performance of courses and participants and provides insights into the efficiency of training. User-defined reports can be easily created and forwarded via email.

One Software – Multiple Views / Functions

SAP Litmos Admin View

The Admin View

Litmos administrators create courses with different modules, add users and approval processes, form learning groups, and create schedules. They can store a wide variety of files for these online courses and also create learning paths: Here, selected courses mark intermediate steps toward achieving a larger goal (e.g., an internal or external qualification). Furthermore, they can import content directly into Litmos via a special interface.

The Learner View

A personalized dashboard allows users to see how many training courses they have already completed, how many they still have scheduled, and which ones are already overdue. Training courses that have not yet been completed are listed in a course calendar so that the learner never misses an appointment. Here one can also find recurring mandatory trainings. Favorite seminars are saved in the “Favorites”.

SAP Litmos Trainer Functions

Special functions for trainers

Trainers receive information about their own courses via an additional area. Here they can also schedule their availability via an absence planner. This allows the Litmos administrator to see if and when they are available for training. In addition to teaching content, trainers track learners’ progress and confirm their course status (attended, passed, failed).

Special functions for managers

A supervisor can get information about the activities of his employees in Litmos and create reports at any time. If someone from his team wants to book a course for which an approval process has been stored, he must first approve it. An escalation workflow also allows managers to automatically alert employees when certain courses (such as safety instruction) are long overdue.

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