SAP Enterprise Consent and Preference Management

With SAP Customer Consent and Preference Management, SAP ECPM for short, you can introduce complete transparency to your customers’ profile data, consents, and preferences. Your customer can check at any time what data is being collected for what purpose and what the benefits are. He retains full control and can withdraw or customize his declaration of consent at any time. On the one hand, this builds trust, and on the other, it gives them the assurance of always complying with the current data protection guidelines.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Consistent recording of consents and customer preferences

  • Guarantee of audit compliance

  • Independent data management by the end customer using a self-service center

Build Trust and Reduce Compliance Risks

Learn how to build trusted relationships through transparency and control while complying with global and regional data protection regulations:

What does SAP ECPM include?

Consent & Preference Management

Use customizable, preconfigured workflows to capture your customers’ consent and preferences at each consent-based touchpoint. At the same time, you present clear consent requests for requirements such as terms of use, e-privacy policies, cookies, and preferences for consent marketing communications.

When needed, start automatically triggering new consent requests and store time- and date-stamped updates in the audit-proof vault. This is where all current consent and preference data is backed up in your customers’ profiles.
You collect, store, as well as track consent and preferences in a central repository within the right region, providing access to a full history or audit trail. Consent records are stored for up to seven years in the audit-proof consent and preference history vault to satisfy audits and customer inquiries.

Customer Transparency & Control

Empower your customers to manage their own experiences through customizable self-service preference centres that give them control over their profile, consent, preference, and account information and allow them to manage all aspects of their relationship with your brand.

Data Storage & Orchestration

You synchronize customer data to enforce consent globally across any brand, channel or device through centralized, simple and secure data governance and orchestration.

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