SAP CRM On-Premise

SAP CRM On-Premise is a very established and widely used solution in the area of customer contact processes. These processes can be adapted extremely flexibly to the respective customer needs through individual customizing as well as customer-specific developments. SAP CRM On-Premise has been on the market since 1997 and has been continuously developed since then. This solution relieves you of routine work, helps you to reduce costs, supports you in your decision-making processes, and provides you with the information you need to develop your individual unique selling points after only a short time.

SAP’s strategy has been oriented towards cloud-based solutions for several years, and the company has already announced that support for this sophisticated solution will end. However, the use of classic systems may still be appropriate if, for example, special internal policies still do not allow the use of cloud software solutions.

Overview of our Services

Supervision of your complete SAP CRM ON-Premise project:

  • Inventory

  • Business conception

  • Process analysis

  • Optimization of the existing solution architecture

  • Technical design

  • Implementation

  • Expansion & Enhancement

  • Training & Coaching

  • Operations & Support

What you can expect from us

contrimo works holistically

We support you in optimizing your SAP CRM On-Premise system. If you already have an SAP CRM in operation but do not want to switch to the latest technology at the moment, we also ensure efficient networking with other modules such as BI or ERP.

Strategic, functional, technical

We are your reliable and competent partner when it comes to your solution architecture. We take care of the planning, implementation and enhancement as well as the training of your employees and, of course, you also get your very own personal coaching.

The end of SAP CRM On-Premise – what’s next?

The SAP CRM On-Premise solution has a very high maturity level and is used by many companies. SAP announced that it will end support for CRM 7.0 in 2027 and offer optional support until the end of 2030. What does this mean for your company? How can you continue to plan for the future without undergoing a hard transition? contrimo offers you 2 solution paths that we can tackle together with you:

1) Sticking to the CRM On-Premise solution

For the time being there is nothing to be said against waiting and not making any hasty decisions. You can continue to use the solution and only plan an orderly transition to SAP Customer Experience in the long term. If you want to take this route, it is even more important to have a partner at your side who will constantly optimize your system, because it is essential for your company that you do not lose sight of the current digitization requirements.

2) The gradual migration from SAP CRM On-Premise to SAP Customer Experience

Would you like to transitionally use your SAP CRM in combination with an SAP CX? We would be happy to advise you on hybrid scenarios. For some time now, SAP has been offering an option that facilitates the transition to the SAP Customer Experience Suite using integrated customer management add-ons. This does not require the use of middleware. So you can take the step to cloud-based solutions slowly and deliberately.

Have we aroused your interest in a smooth migration?

We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting – competently and comprehensively. Benefit from our many years of project experience in the CRM On-Premise and SAP Customer Experience environment!