SAP Customer Identity and Access Management for B2C

SAP Customer Identity and Access Management, or short SAP CIAM for B2C, identifies customers across channels and devices. They receive individual digital experiences based on their interests and surfing behaviour. But the solution also generates unique customer profiles from identities that cannot be directly assigned to individuals. Furthermore, flexible registration and authentication mechanisms at all online contact points ensure that you always comply with the latest social network regulations and regional data protection provisions.

Your Benefits at a Glance

  • Flexible and secure identification of online visitors

  • Smooth customer experiences that can be customized for your target group

  • Personalized addressing of customers by using profile data

What does SAP Customer Identity and Access Management (SAP CIAM) for B2C include?

Identity Management

Identity Management features intuitive user registration that allows customers to perform a simple initial registration with just an email and no password, enabling your company to onboard customers quickly. Registration-as-a-Service (RaaS) includes out-of-the-box scalable, responsive forms and customizable workflows. This includes social login workflows to increase registrations and drive personal engagement, while simplifying authentication across more than 35 social networks.

There is also constant monitoring of digital identities and alerts on unusual account activity to protect your customers. As a result, your customers have global access that provides them with a consistent user experience across your websites, which may be located around the world, in different data centres. Customers always log in with the same credentials. User data is stored in the data centre selected during registration. In this way, data residency regulations are met without compromising the user experience.

Access Management

Access Management enables you to implement risk-based, multi-factor, biometric, and one-time password authentication. Through this feature, you can enable single sign-on for all locations in your organization to provide smooth, secure access across all touch points, while supporting identity federation standards with SAML and OpenID Connect protocols

Profile Management.

Profile Management enables you to enter and transform structured and unstructured data with a fully indexed dynamic schema into a single, unified record for each of your customers. This allows you to create and assign comprehensive, centralized customer profiles. You can then easily transfer or synchronize these with all digital properties, even with third-party applications and services, using Identity Sync – SAP’s powerful extract, transform and load solution.

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